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The furniture industry as a whole has been experiencing mass supply chain demands and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting manufacturing delays. 
Due to these industry-wide supply shortages, some items, like wooden and upholstered chairs, may be out of stock and require longer lead times. Additional information is in the description of products affected.
If you choose to order a product that's backordered, we will take your order, and reserve your product on the next available shipment from that particular vendor or manufacturer. 
Additional delays are possible, and we will be in touch with any updates if you have an outstanding order with us for delayed backordered products. 
In the case of additional delays, you may choose to cancel the delayed portion of your order. As long as those backordered pieces have not yet shipped from the vendor to us, we can cancel the backordered portion of your order. 
If you cancel your order for backordered products, then decide to re-order, your newest order will be on a different later shipment, as your original reservation was forfeit by the cancelation.
Orders placed that contain custom-built furniture AND backordered pieces with long delays will have separate shipments. 
We will ship the custom furniture from our woodshop at the approx. timeline advertised when the order was placed, and ship the backordered products separately when they become available. 
This is in the case of excessive delays. Items delayed by approx. 2 weeks will ship together with the custom furniture when it arrives to spare you the additional shipment.