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Our Story

Family Furniture Co is located in New Albany, Indiana. Located about 15 minutes north of Louisville, KY and less than 2 hours from Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Lexington. 

Our founder, Tyler, discovered his passion for woodworking while working at a church in Las Vegas. He and his then-fiancé, wanted a dining set to build relationships around.

With borrowed tools, Tyler's woodworking journey began in the driveway of the family he was staying with.

Tyler started with a coffee table and expanded to a full dining set, bed frame, and shelves. His business and love for woodworking caught on and grew from there.

Before taking woodworking full-time, Tyler worked in churches and non-profits for 7 years and learned that a supportive community and healthy family are two of the most valuable and life-changing gifts a person can have.

We believe that community is built and families grow stronger around the table.

We exist to help build families and communities locally and globally.

This is done through providing families with pieces they love to create spaces they love to build stronger relationships. 

We partner with local and global non-profits to provide furniture, funding, and homes to people making efforts to build stronger families and communities.

Our local partner is Hope Southern Indiana.

Our global partners are Love for L'Allemand, in L'Allemand Haiti and Casas Por Cristo, in San Raymundo, Guatemala.

The Team

  • Tyler Shaheen

    Owner + Founder

  • Tyler Light


  • Brandon Crutcher


  • Justin French


  • Brooke Newman

    Marketing Manager

  • Tyler Zoller

    Videographer + Photographer